Be Alone but not Lonely

May 6, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

For quite a few years now, I have been taking my self-actualisation journey to a level, wherein it is becoming more and more self-engaging to say the least and with my 4th quadrant view being predominant, it is becoming challenging to contest with my ‘alone-ness’ which very often society attributes to being ‘lonely’ which is not the case at all, with me. It is kind of futile to explain to people at large about the huge difference between being ‘alone’ and feeling ‘lonely.’ So, I thought to myself, when and if I write a blog on this someday, I will try and explain. Today is that day. And this is the blog.


Being LONELY is a finite process. You feel lonely, when you don’t have anyone or anything to do and you are simply thinking ‘what to do?’ and not enjoying that feeling. It is at that point of time when these idle thoughts reach a peak. You start feeling bored, lonely and it is not a pleasant feeling, for sure. You don’t like it and don’t want to be in that state for long. So, you suddenly get up and do something totally unplanned, totally out of character, and indulge in something, which temporarily consumes you.


Being ALONE is a feeling of high. Feeling the blank, in front of you, as there is nothing, and it is open deep sky and the world at large. One of your first thoughts could be, there is so much to do. Also, your mind tries to push you in different sporadic directions to do things, which has no meaning for you or your life, and though you realise that you cannot control it. When you do control, you can direct your mind to THINK beyond you. Think and keep aspiring. Ask the 4th quadrant to give you some unknown things, which will make you learn and grow. All this is happening, because you have set your mind to think, evolve, and grow yourself within you. At this stage even if you are sipping a glass of wine to dilate your thoughts for expansion of mind, more things, can come on to you, in the same or similar space, and that ensures growth of your actualisation process.

Let us pickup Buddha. His thoughts, his actions, what he did or tried to do, leading up to a meditated environment for more elements to come onto you, through the 4th quadrant. Your receiving them is lot more easy now, as you have directed your mind to receive thoughts of a particular kind and that helps you grow. You may argue, that even not so good thoughts can come in through the same process. True. That is where you learn to decipher in your journey, based on what this process was all about for you to achieve. Asking yourself ‘why are you doing what you are doing?’

When you stay in that state, and try and keep evolving, then, what happens? That’s where my blogs’ journey will continue, maybe in a different avatar.

Keep smiling, till then…………..





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