Me and My students of GBS

March 8, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

I realised it yesterday when I addressed the students again in my favourite L & I avatar, that if there is one place where I enjoy most, its being with my students. No joy in this world gives me as much pleasure as I get being with them. I had a huge disconnect for the last 2/3 years with the students for multiple reasons. I have made a huge mistake doing so. Today in the market, I am giving inputs to youngsters on many aspects of their strategic journey but I am failing to do the same to my very own students. After the inaugural session of the Vision Seminars this year, I realized that I ought to address this issue. I will speak to Rahul and figure out a way to be in touch more regularly. Its more for me than them.

Yesterday I had a specific subject to discuss with them, because they were now getting out into the market almost as naive as they were, consciously. But I wanted them to realise that in these 2 years decorated as PGDM, they added a good lot of experiential learning through ‘Beyond Education’ and it is those lubricants, like Serendipity, KYLF, GMC and the projects within them, which will add a lot of value to their professional and personal lives, as they travel through them. PGDM program sure is a necessity, as any hardware is to make that hardware flourish. You do need the software as in ‘Beyond Education’ to enmesh with it. The combination is lethal. It is the combination which is the real differentiator between GBS and rest of ‘A Grade’ B-Schools. We are soon going to register ‘Beyond Education’ and obtain trademark, as our own Intellectual Property, as we have done with all other IPs of ours. I am going to write a book on the Behaviourial Science values of Beyond Education to Management Science. My book will help the alumni of GBS to recapitulate what they went through, in addition to PGDM and getting a job in GBS. Of course it will be a big help to all other B-Schools as well, if they wish to adopt it.

So, you are now empowered with a very strong engine called ‘BEYOND EDUCATION

which will help you to navigate your journey both professionally and personally. Keep smiling, until next time…………………..

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