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We go through different stages in life. Just wait. Let us try and look at those different stages. As it becomes increasingly important to understand objectively which stage you are in and not be driven by your own analogy of yourself, which in the current context of the world order, could be totally wrong.

So, where are you? What have you been through? From the school going shy but smart bright boy to the naive innocent college going youngster, who was very driven by what he saw around and wanted to be all of those, lost his course, until God got him back through a job that gave him opportunities to experiment with himself. Naivety and Innocence dominated the journey of this young boy, until he started learning the nuances of life. So, he allowed life to take its course and brought his abundance of energy, passion, coupled with his innocence to rule his journey. Since he was most certainly intelligent and ambitious, so despite his fall at times, he kept getting up and travelling.

As he matured, his penchant for good life and his sense of achievement kept on driving him. He soon realised it is his achievement parameters, which will be recognised and nothing else will be. So, focus on achievement. Set goals, which were difficult to achieve and through his passion achieve them. He kept stretching himself and continuously learning. He did another interesting thing. As he mixed work with pleasure, he started believing, WORK IS PLEASURE. With this, success came his way, one after the other.

Self-development and self-growth were key parameters for him, once a stage of matured being is reached. Transitioning the business to the next generation and giving them all authority, resources and associated power to succeed, made the transition complete. The sons were happy, had a platform and they succeeded handsomely. He then shifted his focus to Philanthropy. He shared his gains with the society. He served the needy, who were in need. He identified segments like performing arts, which was highly creative, yet did not have a framework for sustenance in bad times. He supported them. While all this happened, he was left to continuously discover and purge himself, to newer and newer things and areas in his life. But he had to adjust himself with his growing age and health. So, he had to tune his energy accordingly. Having given up, all what he lived for in all these years and living himself, with the unknown, unchartered territory, with his growing age, he is trusting his brains a lot more, than before.

Interesting times. Everyone is doing their own work. Power and authority have drastically changed. People are responding differently than what they did earlier. In this situation, it is a battle which a person like him needs to pursue deep within. External world is no longer attractive, it is the journey within, which one needs to take. That is a never-ending journey. Once you start that journey, you realise, so little you know about everything. He is well on his way in search within.

Let’s keep digging in. Until next time…………..


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